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to be whorish in manner. to sluterize all man kind.
Look at the skank, she so j-no! She f***'s everbody.
by Dr. Feel Good January 21, 2003
apparently ther first three definitions were written by self centered wellesley natives (or from somewhere similar, like newport, greenwich, etc)

Try this on for size: Wellesley, the town where insecurities are bred and money masks weakness. Money talks and the dumb talk more. A place where it is possible to not know a single thing about the real world because your Lexus has a nav system and OnStar.

A place where kid's souls are lost as soon as they are born and adults pretend to be important.
'Wow, you have serious social and mental problems, you must be from Wellesley"
by Dr. Feel Good September 13, 2005
dont do drugs. you might end up in a state of euphoria. and we all know that drugs are bad because they make you feel happy?
i smoked some kb last night then listened to a pink floyd album and was lost in a state of euphoria
by dr. feel good July 25, 2003

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