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A poodleflopper is a mentally deranged man who roams the steets kicking ugly dogs. If he finds a nice dog he will urinate on it and cut off its limbs with a chip fork. They are usually located in the backalleys of Watford, and they pounce like trapdoor spiders, viciously mutilating dogs and sometimes dwarves.
"I'm a poodleflopper and im gonna flop your poodles so hard they explode."
by Dr. Edward Egglesworth April 27, 2008
Farglemoof is the best new curseword, used in most rap songs and brazilian acoustic ballads.
If a Catholic uses this word in a fit of anger they go to hell because its very offensive.
"Oh farglemoof I dropped the carrots!"
by Dr. Edward Egglesworth April 27, 2008
The action of pushing an old woman off of a moving motorised vehicle.
She was cornebodged at Elm Street last friday.
by Dr. Edward Egglesworth April 27, 2008

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