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5 definitions by Dr. Drew

The most beautiful girl in the universe.
" i love Kami so very much "
by Dr. Drew March 23, 2005
Rehab for drug addicts
Man, they said u do not need to go to the Halfway house for weed
by Dr. Drew October 08, 2005
A Famous band in South Florida, who'se lyrics are about sex, drugs, and more sex. Can usually be seen in the Culture room. They support the safe sex.
" They are sooooo damn cool, I wanna know when they are playing next "
by Dr. Drew March 23, 2005
To have or proclaim that your car is equipped with the power adder of nitrous oxide
Yo, i just got some NAWS!
by Dr. Drew March 22, 2005
A member of Dr. Gonzo's Bazooka Circus Only sings one song with them though, Also has a girlfriend named Kami
"There is Dr. Drew, oh my god he's so hot!!! "
by Dr. Drew March 23, 2005