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A potato that looks like a bitch.


When someone is rude, smelly or an idiot.
"Look at him, he looks like a WEI XIANG, it makes me want to punch him."

"God, don't act like a WEI XIANG."
by Dr. dRe March 20, 2014
A combination of gospel, hip-hop, funk and rap generes, produced with only the human voice and no instrumental accompaniment.
The vocal band, Three 5 and 6 were the originators of the urban a cappella sound.
by Dr. Dre January 09, 2004
Nasty ass cologne that men wear to attract dirty ass hos. ONLY the dirty hos are attracted to ho juice.
Antoine wore his ho juice to the club and Lequisha and her five repugnant friends were all over him.
by Dr. Dre January 10, 2005
White dude that acts like a black dude
by Dr. Dre February 21, 2003
weed: see cannibis, ganja; also a Dr. Dre album
Ladies, they pay homage, but haters say Dre fell off
How? My last album was "The Chronic"
by Dr. Dre January 31, 2002
when one inhales another persons fart gas
i accidently winched in matt's fart gas.
by Dr. Dre February 21, 2003
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