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when a white person is stood in a line between two black people
well look what we have here... the oreo line!
by Dr. Dray December 03, 2005
A dirty smelly black person. Jungle refers to the fact that niggers aren't fully evolved, a bit like apes. They like to steal and sell drugs. They also smell of shit.
"You smell like shit, jungle bunny"

Use of 'jungle' can be used to refer to niggers
e.g. When in a bar full of theives and/or rapists...
"I can't see for the jungle"
by Dr. Dray December 01, 2005
Black on black violence. Like the term guerilla warfare but niggers are still monkeys so its spelt gorilla.
Today on the 9 o clock news, gorilla warfare in africa as loads of niggers kill each other.
by Dr. Dray December 01, 2005

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