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A synonym for goat penis.
I'z be trippin around dis shit and all, when she unleashed hers J-Breezy. Some crazy shit we did 'while back.
#goat #penis #breezy #weezy #lil wayne
by Dr. Douchebag April 17, 2010
1. Noun: Referred to as the 'The Prime Rib'; equivalent definition to the phrase 'the illest'; "the bees knees"

2a. However, can be used as an adjective in which 'prime rib' refers to something that is 'cool, tight, or sweet/distinctively awesome'. Synonyms include: dope, crack, fresh

2b. In any situation, derivation of phrase can be used.
Esp. to describe a female's admirable characteristics.
Just bought a leather toilet seat; that shit is the prime rib.

*No other examples are necessary.*
#prime #illest #ill #dope #fresh
by Dr. Douchebag January 25, 2011
Generally after constipation, when one shits so hard that the feeling of relief and the stimulating of the sensory neurons in the anus, generate an orgasm so intense that many have been know to become enraged and rip the fucking toilet seat off of its hinges.
Roberto: Dude...


Alejandro: I just had a Turdgasm...
#turd #orgasm #poop #anus #lil' wayne sucks
by Dr. Douchebag July 07, 2010
Contracted to Chill Lab. A conceptual (or real) place of intense relaxation. The area is so chill that people sometimes forget their first names. Nothing can phase this place because of the fact that its 'chill' level exceeds anything that can phase it. Only beings wise enough to understand the conceptual mental mind set during such presence in the chill lab can achieve the right to claim chill labs. A chill lab is basically a place where everyone just chills and there are no guidos.
...The Bat Cave (Chill Laboratory #216)

Batman: Robin, pass the joint.

Robin: Yeeeeeee...
#don #consigliere #hitman #legend #caporegime #the fam
by Dr. Douchebag June 26, 2010
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