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a television friendly term for a gay ass motherfucker Invented by Stevie Ray of WCW fame.
That Curt Hennig is a fruit booty sucka with his teal tights and all.
by Dr. Disque December 05, 2002
to make an outrageous debut and fail in the process of debuting.
Fred Ottman pulled the quintessential shockmaster when his mask fell off while falling through the broken wall.
by Dr. Disque January 10, 2004
1. he whom brings the fuck
2. An extremely angry and aggressive man
3. The fat end of a broken oar
1. Chad was really the fuckbringer at this party.
2. You knew the fuckbringer walked in when you heard Earl yelling.
3. Fuckbringer and asswhooper are currently in the drawer.
by Dr. Disque January 10, 2004
1. One that initiates many beatdowns
2. the skinny end of a broken oar
1. crowbar was a real asswhooper when he was in WCW
2. Fouts awoke kent by whacking him on the leg with asswhooper.
by Dr. Disque January 10, 2004
term used by those who actually understand cars to descibe ricer holy grail the fast and the furious . The movie is filled with so many cute guys and assorted other assclown behavior, that this must be the cause of someone liking it.
That kid in the Eclipse GS that says he runs 10's goes and jacks off to the Gay and the Curious 10 times every night before he falls asleep.
by Dr. Disque April 03, 2004
a mullet , named so because many 80's hockey players had mullets and the mullet slightly resembles the contours of a hockey helmet
Barry Melrose was a fine example of Hockey Hair.
Since he was Canadian, that dude had Hockey Hair rather than an Arkansas Waterfall.
by Dr. Disque December 05, 2002

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