3 definitions by Dr. Didi

A remark with obnoxious, rather than witty, origins.
Obnoxiousism of the day: I found the light...lost the tunnel" or "you say I'm a b*tch like it's a bad thing.
by Dr. Didi April 08, 2011
the accumulation of information in your head that blocks your ability to continue to think clearly
I am going to go sit outside for ten minutes to clear the webbage out of my head so I can continue with the next project.
by Dr. Didi October 21, 2011
A conscious attempt to control one's frustration, which, overall, may or may not prove to be successful
It took all the frustrol I had to keep from screaming when she asked me the same question for the fourth time that day alone!
by Dr. Didi April 08, 2011

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