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1.) The act of strangling your lover into unconsciousness at the moment of orgasm in order to heighten the sexual thrill. Extremely dangerous since an overly enthusiastic practitioner may find his or her opposite propelled not into rapturous delight, but instead into eternity.

2.) An effective way of permanently dispatching an especially tiresome bitch.
1.) Whoa! I stranglefucked Britany the other night, and I came in her like a firehose, Dude. She freaked at first but now she wants to do it.

2.) I'd like to stranglefuck that stuck-up cunt and nut in her eye.
by Dr. Diddle April 14, 2005
Archaic term for a bollard, that is, a very large cleat fastened to a pier which is used to secure ships to the pier with lines of heavy rope. Used by longshoremen and enlisted men in the Navy until both were integrated.
"Get the forward line on to that second nigger head!"
by Dr. Diddle March 05, 2008
Disgorgement of mucus from a single nostril barrel, performed by closing off the other blow hole with the index finger, then mightily exploding the contents into the atmosphere, preferably away from the practitioner. Repeat with the other side.
Whoa! That girl just did a Boy scout Blow into the gutter!
by Dr. Diddle October 05, 2011
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