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6 definitions by Dr. Demented

Term referred from games like Starcraft and Planetside.

To have been overcome in numbers of great mass.
To have 1 guy for every 40 of theirs and be surrounded/killed.
To be rushed with a mass of people/things.
Damnit this base isn't going to hold with their zerging, blow up their AMS!

Their zerging is cheap ass.
by Dr. Demented January 15, 2004
When someone (Referrably from Everquest) plays two characters at once (seperate accounts) either to group,raid, or powerlevel.
Hey can I get a heal?.....Hey you there?. Dude, he's two-boxing and powerleveling his lowbie.

Jeesh you got two accounts? Do you just two-box your all day with your guys?
by Dr. Demented January 15, 2004
Term referred in Planetside for the Vanu Sovereignty (for their color).
Shit! We are getting zerged by the barnies!

Damn barnies are fucking cheap with their mag-mowers.
by Dr. Demented January 15, 2004
Another form of expressing masterbation.
Hey guys, I uh gotta feed Nuke. Sure Ya do

Ahh man, I'm getting chaffing from feeding nuke.
by Dr. Demented January 15, 2004
The biggest , most fucking retarded OUTFIT in Planetside, that is a mockery of the game.
Their leaders name is also ELH

An extremely retarded, stupid, fucked up command rank 5 ass-goblin that is the laughing stock and most ridiculed player in existnce on Planetside.
Oh my fucking god. I didn't even get to touch the equipment terminal, when I made this guy, and I get an invite to join ELH.

OH great, heres that fucknut ELH to command like a nub. His zerging skills are the teh crap (both good and bad).
by Dr. Demented January 15, 2004
Phrase told to nubs on any 3-d shooter who can't dodge shots being fired and often don't move at all.
Oh my god, you playing catching the shiny bullet again you stupid nub?

Ahh man, I'm getting pwned, I'm catching the shiny bullet a lot.
by Dr. Demented January 15, 2004