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Masturbating on those days you can't keep your claws off your own tail. Those days you feel the most moist, buttery,and delicious.
Damn I am looking good today...I will have to head straight home and lobsterbate to myself in the mirror.
by Dr. Debutante February 08, 2008
Text messaging abbreviation for "I fucking love you".

Also can be used at the end of e-mail or blogging exchanges and personalized by adding the recipients initial to the end.
Jersey Girl types a comment to Dr. Debutante on Myspace that says..."Thanks for the great party!! IFLY!!!"In which then Dr. Debutante would respond..."IFLY2JG!!!"
by Dr. Debutante January 06, 2008
1. When you grow an extra long fingernail on your right index finger to use as a stylus on your blackberry phone.

2. When you fingerbang a chic on her period and you are left with her blackberries on your hands.
1. That guy was a total geek. He didn't have a coke finger...he had a blackberry finger.

2. I had to drive home with my fingers hanging out the car window...that bitch gave me blackberry fingers!
by Dr. Debutante February 08, 2008
Test message abbreviation for "Drunk Dial Me Later"
User typically sends out a mass text message such as "Have a great Friday night DDML" to her friends she knows will be drinking that night when she is in the mood to be drunk dialed.
by Dr. Debutante January 06, 2008
The place a man should go when his woman is nearing her bad time with her blackberries.
1. My wife is acting like a total bitch time for me to head to the Blackberry Bomb Shelter.
2. My husband is acting like a total jackass he better go hide out in his Blackberry Bomb Shelter.
by Dr. Debutante January 06, 2008
Test messaging abbreviation for "Drunk Text Me Later".
User knows she will be somewhere boring later so smartly sets up in advance some fun text messaging options. Sends out a mass text message such as "I will be stuck with my parents all night DTML"
by Dr. Debutante January 06, 2008
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