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Financial Terrorists can be one person, group of people,small medium or large corporations that can get the government to not make laws or regulations to protect the general population from their greed and corruption
When Goldman-sachs prevented our government from regulating derivatives, and changed banking laws to under capitalize from leveraging savings from 1:4 to 1:40 or more, Goldman-sachs became "Financial Terrorists" against every non 1%er on earth. These monsters make loans to people, then bet against them, then raise the loan rate until the person defaults on the loan.
by Dr. Dave*** December 24, 2011
sexual harassment is what teachers do to their students in class when they force students to accept homosexuality like it's normal. Teaching this crap meets the definition of harassment because it is offensive and uncomfortable to even listen to. It's wrong.
It is "sexual harassment" to force our school children to accept homosexuality. This is none of the school fucking business to teach in that area
by Dr. Dave*** December 24, 2011
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