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Euphemistic term used by a criminal suspect to ask police for a maximum of only 8 years in prison in exchange for a full confession to the crime for which he or she is charged.
Detective: We know you killed that old woman -- your blood is all over her apartment and on the knife sticking out of her dead body!

Suspect: Look, I already told you -- I ain't saying nothin' unless you give me a straight-8. If you can do that, I'll give you what you want.

Detective: 8 years for cold-blooded murder? I don't think so.

Suspect: Well, if you want a full confession, you know what I need.
by Dr. Dave September 08, 2004
a kewl way to gnarl the real word "photogenic" (meaning having an attractive and charismatic appearance, often resulting in people being attracted to you) and then twisting it into the NEW word "photonic."
From the most recent episode of the MTV true-life reality series "Laguna Beach," an astoundingly accurate portrayl of the Fox hit drama-series "The O.C."

As Kristin watches the male fashion show runway, she comments to her friend standing next to her: "He is Sooo Photonic!"
Her friend is heard murmuring to herself, "mmmmmMMMmm Hhmmmmmm!"
by Dr. Dave November 03, 2004
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