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A term used by imbeciles. Usually used as a greeting or salutation.
One time I ate my neighbor's shit. War Eagle!
by Dr. Dandoi June 20, 2006
a jackass motherfucker.
Not only is Trailer an ass-eater he is also a jackfuck!
by Dr. Dandoi June 20, 2006
1)An ignorant redneck or an Auburn graduate.
2)A person conceived in a '73 Dodge pickup and will reside for his/her entire life in a mobile home.
3)An inbred contributor to urbandictionary
TigerCav was arrested again for wacking off at the men's swim meet.
by Dr. Dandoi July 06, 2006
A "college" located in Southeastern Alabama. Most of the students at Auburn were rejected by the University of Georgia. Students of Auburn are notorious for their subpar intelligence. Auburn students pride themselves with their political correctness and therefore prefer to be called "culturally challenged" rather than "rednecks". When traveling through Auburn do not smile as you may be regarded as someone with "a pretty mouth".
John perfected his dick sucking technique while he was attending Auburn University.
by Dr. Dandoi June 20, 2006

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