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A funny, hypocritical joke that is said when another person is cursing repetitively because he/she is very angry. Guaranteed to cut the tension and lift the mood. Similar to the term the "fuck" word
A: My boyfriend thinks I'm fucking PMS-ing, and I'm fucking not! Like what the fuck? He's such a fucking jerk!

B: Stop fucking cursing!
by Dr. Curious January 23, 2011
The nagging, persisting urge to finish off a lolipop by viciously crunching it. It results from the impatient center of the brain, which constantly sends messages to the mouth that merely sucking it does not unleash enough flavor.
A: Hey where's the lolipop I just gave you?

B: I lolicrunched it, I needed to feel a surge of apple flavor.
by Dr. Curious December 09, 2010
A myth that many people used believe in, however it was so mythbusted to the point where the actual truth became common knowledge.
Bill: Hey John did you know tomatoes are actually-

John: Fruits. Dude that myth is long mythfucked.

Bill: John don't chew on that pencil! You'll get lead poisoned.

John: There's no lead in this, dumbass. I'd thought you know since it's been mythfucked.
by Dr. Curious June 24, 2011
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