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Definition by most, would be a brainwashed, drug-addicted, white trash, overweight, face-painted, dumbass loser faggot who worships ICP.

I for one am a juggalo and I don't fit that description. I live in suburbia and my family is quite rich. I have never been abused or beaten in anyway and my parents treat me really well. I don't fight with my family like some douchebag loser who can't respect those who have given him life. I have good grades in school, all A's and B's and I generally do very well on standardized tests. I am not on any drugs and I have never committed a crime.

I am the true vision of what a juggalo is. When Violent J envisioned juggalos, I would be a good example of what he wanted. I enjoy and feel ICP's music, which is why I chose to become a juggalo. I don't hate people who aren't juggalos, as most of my friends are not juggalos. I'm generally nice and trustworthy to people and have a very positive outlook on life. Also, I'm open minded and I embrace individuality and thinking for yourself. I don't just follow everything ICP say and do (they dissed Dr. Dre, but Dr. Dre is one of my favorite rappers). I don't hate unless I'm hated on.

Many people claim to be juggalos these days, but few actually are. I often hear of ICP shows where trash is left everywhere and people are beaten and raped. Those amongst the group of fans at the show who committed such acts are not juggalos, they are assholes. For those of you who hate juggalos because of what you think they are, I don't blame you. Many supposed "juggalos" these days are nothing more than fakes. But just to let you know, there are true juggalos out there, juggalos like me, who aren't douchebags.
guy 1: Hey look at that juggalo beating down that defenseless man.

guy 2: those people disgust me.

juggalo: what the fuck, I'ma stop this fucker.
*runs over to supposed "juggalo" and kicks his ass. Then he helps the assaulted man up.*
You alright man?

assaulted man: yeah, I'm fine, thanks man, that juggalo was probably going to kill me.

juggalo: that's not a juggalo, he's just some fake ass loser. He can sport all the facepaint he wants and listen to Psychopathic Records all his life, but he will never be a juggalo.

assaulted man: oh really, are you sure about that?

juggalo: Yeah I'm sure, if he's beating down defenseless people than he truly doesn't understand what a juggalo is.

assaulted man: How do you know all this?

Juggalo: Because I'm a juggalo, a real juggalo.

assaulted man: Oh, well you don't seem like a bad guy, maybe I was wrong about you juggalos.

*they shake hands and part ways. The two guys who watched as the fake juggalo beat down the man now sit silent, thinking about what had transpired in front of them. They now have a new view on juggalos, a positive view, and will no longer stereotype juggalos as redneck-moron-douchebags.*
by Dr. Cube March 24, 2008
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