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Anything and everything to do with Barack Obama and his run for President. Used negatively by stale, conservative Republicans to discredit the Senator. Can also be used in a positive tone by Democrats who don't want another stale, near-mortem suit in the office.
Is that right-biased news show using bad Obamaganda again? Just face it, he'll end up being the new President with all the good Obamaganda the news releases.
by Dr. Craig June 19, 2008
A person that is called upon even less often than your normal booty call; a slump-buster. The last resort.
Tommy couldn't get his usual fix from his normal booty call, so he was forced to call his rainy day hoe to get the job done.
by Dr. Craig July 02, 2007
The powdered mashed potatoes you get in a box.
I was running out of food so I decided to whip together my box of fake-tatoes for dinner.
by Dr. Craig September 02, 2007
When you can just tell that a friend of yours is in trouble with a girl and you're not physically around to help out. You help him via text message or other medium to make sure he gets where he needs to be with said girl.
Using my psychic wingmannery I could tell my boy Robbie was struggling with this girl, so I sent him a text to ask about one of her friends for me.
by Dr. Craig April 14, 2009
Taking out solid cash from an ATM before going out for the night so you don't have to take out your card and start a tab.
I forgot to set a cash cap last weekend and I spent the money for my cable bill on buying drinks all night.
by Dr. Craig July 22, 2007
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