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A solution made to be one of the most disgusting substances on earth. Multiple components with no relation were added to create Soda Cheese. The ingredients are as follows:

-1/2 Sprite
-1/3 milk
-1/6 Dr Pepper
-10 Tic Tacs (per pliter)
-1 twilzzler (per pliter)
-5 mini marshmallows (per pliter)

This mixture is first allowed a period of 24 hours to ferment. It is then blended to a thin consistency. Next, the solution is contained in a cow's bladder, and forced through the digestive track of a recently deceased giraffe. The sheep's bladder is cut open with an overly rusted spoon, and the liquid is separated into pliters.
Employee: Hello, how may I help you?

Customer: Hi, I would like to purchase one pliter of Soda Cheese.
by Dr. Cocoa November 27, 2012

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