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Singer who is on her way to enormous longevity since her song (Only time) was very popular as a symbol of mourning during the WTC tragedy on Sept 11.
Also sings Onrnoco Flow and , as previously mention ,Lord of the Rings I. May It Be and the theme song.
Also was refered to on Comedy Central's "South Park" as a form of torture when lock in a rooom and enduring her songs on any audio system." Which I agree with but no only a couple of songs.
by Dr. Christophe October 14, 2004
Rosie Perez who was on the now defunct late night show "Arsenio" said right around the time "To the curb" was becoming known. Saying that someone was so transparent and she can see right through them.
You are paper thin buddy
by Dr. Christophe October 19, 2004
The moment when you got yourself into a jam and your helpless at to what the outcome will be. Also it may happen so fast the impending result will most defintivel be unfavorable to your life plan.
I think I made it up. I think I invented the phrase since I don' think it was in a moovie.
What you do when you put a screw in wrong and have to take it out-"I have to unscrew what you 2 cork-screwed up"
"Damn, dawg your cork-screwed"

Your to busy cork-screwing me over...

I told Tonya her boobs were fake and now she gonna tell everyone I slept with the teacher assistant, basically I'm cork-screwed.
by Dr. Christophe November 13, 2004
Used on Ellen , when Dolly Parton admited to having wigs by her bed in case there was fire she'd just grab one and hit the streets. In full getup.
Ellen mused that " the trash whore got out alive in high heels"
Dolly wanted to look trashy, and her role model growup ma have been a whore or she may not. She just wore a lot of makeup and dressed trashy.
by Dr. Christophe October 12, 2004
A delightful phrase used on the one of the networks show called Blossom. The Joey character said he was by the school bus and he hoped he didn't get any "dufus dust" on him because he's so much (cooler) than those dorks on the bus.
I thought the phrase was dumb at the time and haven't heard it since but I thought I share what can be fun to say.
I hope I didn't get any dufus dust on me!!
by Dr. Christophe October 16, 2004
What the Crypt Keeper uses or talks about when he introduces a rounding show of macabre and mayhem.
I love to say this all the time.

Also the uses of Scream is a song, a hit moovie, and a positive use to describe something awesome!!
What does Medusa use for her hair, perhaps scream-rinse or snake conditioner
by Dr. Christophe November 13, 2004

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