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1. Jake Locker is a current NFL quarterback who was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the 2011 NFL Draft. He played college football at the University of Washington, where he was 619/1,148|7,639 yds|53 TDs|35 INTs. He also ran a pretty fast 40-yard dash, in which he ran a 4.59. As the Titans quarterback, he has compiled a 99.4 passer rating, 542 yds, 4 TDs, and no interceptions in 5 games. He hasn't started in any games.

2. An awesome quarterback who was drafted by a sucky team.
Person 1: Hey man, did you see how Christian Ponderplayed yesterday.

Person 2: Yeah bro, he was so Jake Locker, playing so well. If only he was on a better team.
by Dr. Cheesehead December 21, 2011
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