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The act of inserting an object down the urethra of a one's own or another's penis. It also is the term for the object inserted down the user's urethra.

First recorded officially as a game during the orignal Olympics hosted in Olympia, Greece, gyding is speculated to date back as early as Ancient Egypt, suggested by the mysterious golden rods of different lengths and girths in the tombs of pharaohs.

However, it is widely accepted the origin began as part of the Greek religion. According the legend, Poseidon was bathing with Hades but wanted to steal Hades' staff. Having no other place to put it, he hid it in his penis and was pleased by the resulting sensation.
Gydes vary in level. Level one is for beginners and is designed to help the user safely get used to the sensation. Therefore dissolvable materials such as lunchables bread sticks or an icicle are used.

As the user or gyder increases in capability, he goes up in level to more difficult insertions. Level three includes ribbed and studded materials, level 4 with other humans, level 9 with supernatural entities and level 10, the highest, gyding celestial bodies such as the sun or Pluto. It is speculated only Zeus himself has achieved level 10.
by Dr. Brainard March 18, 2013
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