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2 definitions by Dr. Blue Balls

The process involved in maneuvering the moose knuckle while in public but at the same time trying not to attract attention to your activities. Often used when one 'knuckle' gets pinched and spasms of pain start pulsating through the body.
Chris had to perform a moose knuckle shuffle when he inadvertantly sacked himself while looking at Katie's firecrotch.
by Dr. Blue Balls April 26, 2007
66 15
Having extremely large labia, reminiscent of a large mammel. Usually found on extremely big women, or really really popular ones. Was originally made into a comment after a man was arrested for having sex with a dead doe...I asked if someone helped him pry that poor animal's vag apart.
Taryn had the meatiest dead doe labia I had ever seen on a biped. She could shelter several dwarves (little people..c'mon let's be pc here) in a rainstorm by inviting them under her cooch.
by Dr. Blue Balls April 26, 2007
17 18