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A Golem is a sort of creature whose name became popular in several RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pokémon, and Chrono Trigger.
Traditionally, Golems are rocklike creatures whose structure is covered with a near-impenitrable stone.
In the case of D&D, there are several variations of Golem that use elements other than Stone, such as Iron and Flesh (which is a nod to Frankenstein).

There are mixed views as to exactly what a Golem looks like, but the general view is that a Golem is large, perhaps larger than a human, and is covered in a rocky mass. It is not all that pretty, and sometimes features a rather ugly mouth.

Golems seem to be submissive creatures, as they never really act on their own, and are controlled by whoever Summons/Finds them. Thus, they are not necessarily good or evil in spite of their evil-ish appearance.
"GOLEM used Rock Slide!" -Pokémon
"Um, so... A mad scientist is making a... Golem. No! A Flesh Golem, yeah. That's good." -Someone who plays D&D
"It's the end for you! Go, GolemTwins!" -Dalton, Chrono Trigger
by Dr. Baconman April 20, 2006
A liquid substance that is hot-pink and smells like strawberries.
Not to be confused with pure evil, which is lemon-yellow and smells like butterscotch.
"No! Don't touch it! It's PURE EVIL!"
"Pure evil is hot-pink and smells like strawberries?"
"Hmm, actually now that I think about it, Pure Evil is lemon-yellow and smells like butterscotch. That crate must be Raw Malice." -Bob the Hamster Graphic Novel
by Dr. Baconman April 20, 2006
One of the most remembered characters from Chrono Trigger.
Flea is a part of General Ozzie's threesome: Himself, Slash, and Flea.
Flea first appears as a girl (ample breasts, miniskirt, ponytail), but soon lays claim to the fact that he/she's a man. It is possible that Flea is a transsexual, but he/she could just as well be lying or crossdressing.

By using the item "Flea Vest" (a brassiere) Flea grew more powerful and transformed into Flea Plus, although aside from devastating Dual and Triple Techs with Slash and/or Ozzie, Flea Plus didn't fight much differently.

Flea's attack pattern usually includes many Spells, noticeably Status-inducing ones such as Chaos and Sleep.
As Flea Plus, Dual and Triple Techs such as Bad Impulse are added as counterattacks.

Known as Mayonnaise in the Japanese version.
"What the-- Hey! I'm a guy!"
"Male, female, what's the difference? Power is beautiful, and I've got the power." -Flea
by Dr. Baconman April 20, 2006
Short for "Nashville Electric System," a company which provides electricity to the capitol of Tennessee.
"Oops, I forgot to pay my NES bill!"
<Power failure>
by Dr. Baconman April 20, 2006

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