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5 definitions by Dr. Bacon

Any tall ass foreign chick that: cant speak English, smells like old ass cheese, and is annoying as hell.
What the hell is that jar jar saying? Last time I go to this Taco Bell.
by Dr. Bacon July 21, 2010

A term that refers to a man whore's cliental.
Ho 1: Man that she john was a loose ass mo fo

Ho 2: For sure.
by Dr. Bacon July 22, 2010

To destroy on Geo Wars Retro evolved or the sequal.
Dude 1: Man did you see that son!

Dude 2: Don't brag about your Geonage you little douch.

Dude 3: Are you gonna eat that pop tart?

Dude 2: yea
by Dr. Bacon July 21, 2010
Also area code of valley center. A little town in outer San Diego county, that is run by Mormons and is getting over run by illegals aliens and common stoners. There are 2 gas stations and 10 stop lights, Also 3 casinos. it is gaurded by chps and sheriffs.
Dude 1: i got jumpped by an illegal, and a mormon jumped in and used the power of Jesuse Christ to convince the illegal to come to church.. then i went with some stoner budies and blazed in the orange groove. Then we went to the casino, and munched out.

Dude 2: i got to go to the 760.
by Dr. Bacon July 22, 2010
That one guy
Dude 1: Hey look its thats one guy.

Dude 2: Who President Obama?

Dude 1:?????? Yea

Dude 2: Damn your stupid dude 1.
by Dr. Bacon July 21, 2010