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Its actually due to poor translation that his name is ERROR, his real name is actually Errol which makes a little more sense but the piss-poor translations of the NES days turned that last L into an R, thus the enigmatic ERROR...
What the fuck does I AM ERROR mean?
by Dr. Awesome September 15, 2006
Fucking amazing band that most people cant justify hating them without using childish names and homophobic slurs...
hater: Pearl jam are a bunch of fucking faggot shit-eaters
fan: Um... no they are one of the most influental acts of the last decade.
hater: Watever you fudgepacking cocksucker...
by Dr. Awesome August 16, 2006
puritan: emotional-hardxcore homosexuals(used only by real emo fags)
casual/street: Derogatory term used to degrade emo kids by people who hate them because of how they dress and act.
Billy) Im gonna go kick the shit out of those emo fags...
Jimmy) Dont even bother, they'll just go home and write more bad poetry about it...
by Dr. Awesome June 26, 2006
More difficult to summon than Captain Planet. Has 11 parts rather than just 8.
Poster 1: Prepare for trouble, and make it double
Poster 2: To protect the world from devastation,
Poster 3: To unite all people within our nation,
Poster 1: Goddamit man! I can never summon Team rocket!
by Dr. Awesome July 24, 2006
The best thing to happen to music fans since the invention of recorded music.
My friend got arested for music piracy and now has his ass reamed in prison everyday by his 500 pound negro cellmate Bubba. FUCK THE RIAA!
by Dr. Awesome July 27, 2006
Abbreviation: Not My Style
Those tentacle rape videos are nms man...
by Dr. Awesome July 05, 2006
A game i spent many a summer days playing...
I used to HIDE in the bathroom AND GO FUCK MYSELF all day long(hide and go fuck yourself).
by Dr. Awesome July 25, 2006

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