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JULIENA is a name given to a very beautiful lady, kind of like a field of daffodils and tulips. She's loved by everyone. She is definitely the most beautiful girl in the world. She sometimes gets lazy, specially when she wants watermelon. She wants them seedless. But she is still sweet. Her smile can cure your shitiest day. She is the type of girl who will always make you feel better :)

Just don't make her mad, she will yell at you, specially when she is about to sleep. She will tell you she dose not love you by not saying "I love you" back :( But you still will lover her :)
It's impossible not too. Everyone needs a friend like her :)

(Even tho I'm secretly in love with her ;)

See, smart , lovable , beautiful , awesome
Mike: Everyone loves JULIENA...
by Dr. Adam July 10, 2008

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