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6 definitions by Dr. Aarben

When your penis wraps all the way around your waist and then enters into your own rectum.

"When I got drunk I woke up with a confodoma."
by Dr. Aarben October 25, 2012
To buppity ones boppity while they beepity ones boopity.
Person 1 - "Why are you so happy?"
Person 2 - "I just did a bippity."
Person 1 - "No way!"
by Dr. Aarben March 12, 2013
1. A fictional place name used for sarcastic responses to "where are you" or related scenarios.

2. A word meaning a magical action, usually used sarcastically.
Person 1 - "Where are you right now?"
Person 2 - "Oh you know in the land of Alakazoo"
Person 1 - "Really?"
Person 2 - "Oh my gosh, NO!!!!"

Person 1 - "How would that happen?"
Person 2 - "I don't know maybe a freaking wizard comes a long and says bippity boppity akawaka alakazoo dippity doo and boom it's done! Like come on..."
by Dr. Aarben March 12, 2013
1. A word representing a fictional place. It is used for when you are in your place of residence and someone mentions that they are out of town.

2. A joking response to "Where are you?"
Person 1 - "Hey I'm in Maine, what's up?"
Person 2 - "Hey I'm in Stazigstan, nothing much."
by Dr. Aarben March 12, 2013

An adjective used by Western-Canadians for describing something negatively. Usually used for describing a bad situation or an ugly person.
1: "Oh fuck I crashed into a fire hydrant"

2: "Aw that's bastey, man."

1: "Hey man what do ya think of that firefighter chick?
2: "She's fucking bastey, dude!
1: "You can say that again, eh!"
by Dr. Aarben November 26, 2012
The Canadian-English spelling of theater. Often misread by illiterates as "thea-tra" this spelling is pronounced the exact same as 'theater'.

Pronounced: theat•ur

1) A place where art is displayed.

2) A large structure containing a screen and projector where people pay to watch a movie or short film.

3.a) A place containing a stage for live performances of plays, musicals, music, and other various arts.
3.b) To do theatre.
Usage One
Person 1: "Hey man I'm going to the theatre tonight to see Elysium! Would you like to come?"
Person 2: "Oh for a moment I thought you meant REAL theatre with REAL actors and re-"
Person 1: "Just shut up you pompous chimpshit."

Usage Two
Actor: "I am about to do live theatre, wish me luck!"
Director: "Go get'em, son!"
Actor: "Hello my friends, I give you STAGE THEATRE!"
by Dr. Aarben August 19, 2013