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North American Arms, manufacturer of tiny, palm-sized .22 single-action revolvers and most recently auto-loading pistols in .32 and .380. High quality, stainless steel and pocket-size.
The NAA mini-revolver would not be considered a doom cock.
by Dr. Badwrench April 05, 2008
A radio operator, usually military or HAM. From the sounds of transmitted Morse code.
Bob was a Navy dittybop.
by Dr. Badwrench April 16, 2008
A fictitious or unknown auto part.

Well, your franistan housing is cracked. We're looking at about $1500 total, parts and labor.

by Dr. Badwrench June 16, 2007
When combined with any noun, either as a prefix or as a phrase, automatically associates that noun with dildoes. Try any random noun, and you will be able to formulate your own "dilldefinition".
dillhole: a hole for a dildo or hole in a dildo
dillsack: a sack of dildoes, or a sack for a dildo
dillfuck: to fuck with or get fucked by a dildo
dillsmeg: dildo smegma
dillsmack: to strike or bludgeon with a dildo

Bush is an idiot dillsuck.
by Dr. Badwrench May 02, 2007
Short for Evolution, a series of Harley-Davidson engines. The "big twin" Evo replaced the Shovelhead in 1984, replaced by the Twin Cam in 1999. The Evo Sportster or XL replaced the Ironhead in 1986 and is still in production, albeit in a rubber-mount format.
Stock Evo big twins have an 80-inch displacement.

by Dr. Badwrench March 02, 2008
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