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COOCHIE- a piece of female anatomy located anterior to the rectum and between the hips. It is an opening from the external environment to the uterus. It is used for sexual gratification or as a passage for the male gamete to the ova.
The thing about coochie is that you cant seem to get enough no matter how much you have even though it is only an inch off tasting like shit.
by Dr T. Gerbal November 27, 2004
A formerly superior racing team that went downhill after their sale by a very professional and smart corporation that never made a mistake. Their sudden decline in superiority has proven that the teams's performance was not related to the car manufacturer.
HRT haven't looked like winning a championship for years.
by Dr T. Gerbal November 27, 2004
Slang for vegemite, australia's favourite yeast extract.
Pass the vagicil, i'm having toast.
by Dr T. Gerbal November 27, 2004
A cat that is best known for his prison association to sadam. Is a respected member of the prison community and is recognised as funny in more ways than one.
Fluffy got a sore arse.
by Dr T. Gerbal November 27, 2004
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