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Activity leading to exceptionally long duration sexual intercourse (of several hours) culminating in a very long overdue orgasmic wave of mammoth proportions.
"She's hot man. Check the moves. I'm definately going to Byrkit in."
by Dr Reason May 15, 2006
Abbr. 'Invisible Pedestrian'

The affliction suffered by all pedestrians in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Symptoms include being completely invisible to car, truck, and taxi drivers whilst being visible to everyone else.

The zone of a Boston drivers vision between the left and right most periphery when applied to living objects through the windscreen.
Driver to Policeman: "How was I supposed to see him ? the guy was in my Invisiped zone!"

Driver on Mobile Phone driving one hand on wheel at 40 mph in the 25 zone towards the "State Law: Yield to Pedestrians" sign: "blah...blah....hey Buddy, Did you see that Sox game ? Ortiz really hit the bawl outah the pahk this..."

Pedestrian <Bam!>

Driver : "Hey, did you hear that ? One of those invisipeds ! Anyway, you wanna hit up the Purple Shamrock tonight" <accelerates>


The taxi narrowly avoided crushing the most of feet of the invisipeds waiting on the corner as Omar uttered "نعم أنا الأم تعلم قيادة السيارة بشكل جيد" to his distant mother. "Calling card only 2c a minute for 8 hour call Algeria" he said to his white knuckled passenger watching the agonized faces of the flat toed bystanders as she wiped the beads of sweat from her brow.
by Dr Reason January 16, 2011
An uncomfortable suspensionless former police vehicle with more than 1 billion miles on the odometer and with objects on the front seat more important than passengers. Usually driven by non english speaking persons with blue-tooth mobile phone implants that are permanently on, resulting in the inability of the driver to communicate regarding the fare, destination, alternative routes or how to turn off the loud advertising video.

Boston Taxi's are powered by gas guzzling pulse engines - resulting in the characteristic "on" "off" cycle as the drivers coax the vehicle forward with the characteristic on again off again pump action on the accelerator.
The Boston Taxi arrived. Only 3 of the 4 in the group could enter due to the front seat being occupied by a sandwich.

We pulsed from Boston to Roslindale, despite the destination being Milton.
by Dr Reason January 29, 2012
An Australian slang word from the early to mid 20th century meaning to set the dogs to attack onto something such as a rabbit or vermin.

In a modern context, a low brow word used by journalists in Australia for lack of a dictionary or competency, or to provide a derogatory tone to a context.

Similar phrases include "sicking", "seeking" and "sooking" - all in the context of getting a dog into a state of excitement to pursue a foe - visible or not.
Jill Thelander said the first thing she saw when she came out of the Narrabeen Sands Hotel was her husband on his hands and knees in the car park, about to be kicked in the head by a bouncer.

Within minutes, she had been confronted by a security guard who "sooled" a Rottweiler on to her, and had received bites to her elbow and back, the District Court heard.

The Queensland Opposition issued a statement today saying "Bligh sools solicitors onto Gubi Gubi people over Native Title"

"Rex!! Sool 'em"

Mick: "Fpsssst....click <can of Aussie Brand Beer etc opening>"

Merve: "....Bloody hell cobba your dog roolly sooled those rabbits.."

Mick "yeah....nah....mate. Fackin sooled 'em proper mate"

Merve "Still good eatin' but"

Mick "yeah....nah....yeah mate. More beer ?".

Merve "F'n Oath mate. When you reckon the Brizzo swamp will dry out? Not good mate. Not good."
by Dr Reason December 31, 2010
An extremely boring and poorly constructed paragraph about a personal adventure. Often peppered with internet acronyms such as "LOL" in an effort to raise the interest levels from absolute zero to just above.

A badly thought through personal bloggers paragraph about their latest "adventure". Often so boring as to appear only 2-3 times after telling everyone they've started a personal blog then to disappear into the void following a complete lack of interest from peers and friends. In some cases paraventures can lead to premature death from loneliness or worse, facebook defriending and social network rejection or "hiding" by peers.

Paraventure's are typically about as mentally stimulating as the feeling in ones legs after the spinal chord has been severed just above the waistline.
Day 1: Today I started my blog!! Yay!! Aren't cat's great ?

Day 2: Put away my socks after too on in the dryer. Urgh! Static made it slightly harder to fold them properly. Mum helped me out tho but its a bit embarrassing that I still live at home LOL! Note to self: must get a job and move out! LOL!

Day 3: Can't think of anything interesting so I'll just post a link to something out of a newpaper about cat food and the latest hollywood pet trend about newts. LOL !

Day 4: Here's a picture of a kitten I found. Isn't it cute!

Day 5: Blog hits are doing down. Thinking of starting another one. Any ideas ? LOL ? Anyone ?

Day 6: Noticed I've been defriended by most of my facebook chums. Urgh! LOL!!

Day 17: This is John's mum. He hasn't been around for days. If anyone knows his whereabouts please comment here.

Day 45: This is John's mum again. Did John have any friends or tell anyone he was going away ? We're really worried!! What does LOL mean ?

Day 56: FS! Jailbroken Iphone 4 Only $25.69 see www.tinyurl.ccc/28h3h/zeus/hack! FREE STUFF! LIMITED OFFER!

Day 2405: This blog has been terminated due to redirections to malicious malware sites.

The flip side: the rest of society:

Paraventure's are great aren't they? It keeps the bores off the street and out of the pubs as they cook up their next mind numbing paraventure. Keep wifi out of pubs campaign 2011: no proto-novellists, bloggers, or people who dont want to converse in person thank you. Anyone fancy a pint ?
by Dr Reason February 19, 2011

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