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an extremely insufferable person; the most ignorant of ignoramuses; the inbred retarded offspring of the inbred retarded offspring of the most retarded an inbred species known to man

Combination of "twat" and "cunt" with the added "thunder" to implicate the magnitude of dipshittery and asshattery. Shithattery, if you will.
Bill O'Reilly, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Fox News in general, any of their ilk, tea-baggers, creationists, Fred Phelps, Harold Camping

Tide goes in, tide goes out, never a miscommunication, WHO PUT THE MOON THERE? - Bill "Thundertwunt" O'Reilly
by Dr Parallelogram July 25, 2011
comical combination of "asshattery" and "dipshittery" used to exemplify exceptional cases of extreme asshattery and dipshittery
99% of the criminals on the COPS shows, 100% of the shenanigans on RENO 911

"The end of the world is May21 2011!....No wait, it's in November....." - Harold Camping; expert in shithattery

Random moron "If you let the gays marry, the next thing you know they'll let people marry dogs!"

Remotely intelligent person "Shithattery."
by Dr Parallelogram July 25, 2011

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