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Overly camp student whose entirety of friends reside on the 789 bus. Partial to the odd dosage of Salsa dancing. Takes a keen interest in Windows and PDAs, as well as an unhealthy habbit for eBay.
1)I did all the work, you're not having the results
4)Salsa's great fun!
by Dr Orange Wilks January 18, 2005
Legendary student who has tendancy to boast about the mis-usage of drugs, esp nicotine and cannabis. Has a particular liking for over-gaudy jackets, DVD players with tiny screens, and manga. Can often be found hiding in English or Biology lessons, although doesn't feel education is a priority.
1)0MG! Pezza Trezza the Lezza!
3)So I smoke pot, so what?!
by Dr Orange Wilks January 18, 2005
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