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3 definitions by Dr Ock

to send a signal for help.
Alternative definition- to give up.

This is a term created in recognition of the fact that often people are trapped in the woods and they die because no one ever finds them. Like idiots they simply sit in their car. Rather they should take a tire off their car and light it on fire (using gas from the tank and the car lighter). The plume of black smoke would be seen for 50 miles.
Dude, Light the Tire, that chick wants nothing to do with you.
by Dr Ock February 12, 2008
To make a decision.
To come to closure on a topic that has been discussed and debated to death.
Note - Used most effectively in conjunction with the actual action of slapping a table.
After going round and round on a topic, one of the board members said "For God sakes, will someone please just Slap the Table!"
by Dr Ock February 12, 2008
A sexual position that can be accomplished only by the most skilled, usually a physician.
Man, that doctor was amazing! He rocked my world with the Lazy Astronaut!
by Dr Ock February 12, 2008