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Imaginary mode of transport,
associated with heavy drinking,when drinker has no recollection of how they arrived back at their preferred destination.
"i was so utterly trousered last night,haven't got a clue how i got home...must have been the beer taxi."
by Dr Lokoss July 05, 2004
Collective of like minded fender nibblers that partake in the pursuit of online gaming hilarity, and occasionally meet up in real life to giggle like schoolboys and generally make a nuisance of themselves at race tracks around the country.
No one man leads the Bumper Munchers, it is completely democratic....unless i say otherwise :)

Especially noteworthy is the groups capacity to fart like an outlet valve at a methane factory - See "Igadiz".
Derived from an insult thrown at a gamer when racing online.

"Wardeo you fucking Bumper Muncher, get off my arse!"
by Dr Lokoss September 12, 2006
Hairy Man,also used as a term of endearment and rebuke.
"I love you Monkey Man".................

"Fuck off Monkey Man"...................

"oh,Monkey Man,you're the best"..............
by Dr Lokoss July 06, 2004
Mr Cockman's own special brand of bottom gas;a quiet and yet utterly foul wind;the effect of being brushed by arse air,similar to turtle's breath
all the time,in his living room,silent,and violent
by Dr Lokoss March 11, 2004
Ancient art of poo lollipop making.First associated with the Knights of the Brown Circle.If a game of nibb-jousting could not be decided, then the two protagonists would settle the duel by shitting into a pigs bladder, and then using ice to freeze the bladder before seeing who could insert the recepticle furthest up the other's arse.
"Verily Tarquin Cockman,have at you Sire,and brace thyself whilst i thrust my shit filled bladder deep into thine brown cave"
"Avast Marco Lockoss!Forsooth i have a similar item to thrust manfully into thine dirty back passage!"
by Dr Lokoss July 02, 2004

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