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Minj is the Mongolian word for beaver. Beavers are semi-aquatic rodents, they are the only living members of the family Castoridae, which contains a single genus, Castor.

Some care must be taken when using the word Minj. When one uses the word Minj one must ensure that:

(a) One is in Mongolia
(b) That there is a nice furry Beaver in the vicinity.

Oh ! , look a lovely furry wet Minj , lets go fondle and pet it. (Before you say this please note the two usage rules above)
by Dr Lingus May 28, 2008
Cuntometer (noun), Device for detecting cunts, example lawyers, politicians or estate agents. One holds the cuntometer in front of the target. If the target is a “cunt” then the device will show red, otherwise it shows green.
I met that sales guy from the estate agents yesterday, lucky I had my cuntometer, it showed red and I told him to f***k off and stick his beaujeu apartment up his ass.
by Dr Lingus November 06, 2008
Noun : Holesaler refers to a person engaged in the activity of selling holes. For the purpose of the definition the “holes” referred to are human orifices, a person engaging in this activity will be commonly classified as a pimp. A person selling a large hole in the ground would be defined as an auctioneer or estate agent.
Look at that horrible holesaler selling that lady’s ass! , but look over there at that estate agent selling that big hole in ground.
by Dr Lingus December 18, 2007
Noun , meaning seller of arse. Monger used as in fish monger, iron monger. One who sells arse, a pimp
Goodness ! , these goes that horrible arsemonger, he's not a nice person at all.
by Dr Lingus December 11, 2007

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