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A person who does not wash his penis often, and so provides a breeding ground for smegma loving bacteria, hence the cheese.
Can also be used to describe:
Estate Agents
Recruitment Consultants
Most politicians.
Terry has become an I.T. employment agent, what a cheesedick!
by Dr Juice January 31, 2004
"Small Town Inbreeding Reverse Evolution"
This happens all too often in shitty little provincial ex industrial towns, particlary where there is high unemployment and lack of local expenditure. Basically anyone with half a brain cell leaves for somewhere better as soon as they are old enough to leave home. Nobody ever moves there because things are better elswhere. Only people who are too retarded to get a job anywhere else remain. They then sign on, breed amongst themselves and produce even more retarded offspring and so the cycle continues. Evolution in reverse so to say. Common situation in many parts of northern England. In years to come the local inhabitants may physically devolve into lower level life forms such as fungi or plancton.
I wouldn't move there if I were you, the place is STIRE!!
by Dr Juice February 01, 2004
Fuckin Ugly (person)
Hey Fugley don't you have a date for the prom?
by Dr Juice February 01, 2004
Paper bag to be placed over the head of a seriously ugly female when she is out in public.
Hey Tracy! Where is your Hagbag?
by Dr Juice February 01, 2004
A person who has no talent and little knowledge of the job that they perform.
A totally useless person who only exists by getting others to do his work for him. A commercial parasite.
The new I.T. Manager is a total Ming, he spends all day downloading porn!
by Dr Juice January 31, 2004
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