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A black Jew with baggy jeans and a skullcap, often seen praying while high and/or shooting rival nigga jews.
Look at that fool with the skullcap on, ohh wait, thats a nigga jew.
by Dr Jones the Jew December 16, 2007
When a heavy and/or furiously excreted turd hits the toilet water so hard that it causes a splash of water to jump up and stain your upper body clothing.
God damn Son! I suffered a major back splash when i dropped the kids at the pool just now! All my shit be shitty as a shitty ass mutha fucker!
by Dr Jones the Jew February 20, 2008
A person who achieves a very high standard at being ridiculous.
Jim Carrey is a ridiculist
by Dr Jones the Jew December 16, 2007
Confirmation. Affirmative, yes, of course.
Luke: Y'all gonna beast that hoe?

Carl: Ahh Yep!
by Dr Jones the Jew February 20, 2008
Technique to combat impotence (aka brewers droop)

If your just about to slip your soldier up a tasty hoe but cant quite get hard, fold your dick in half, The crease will trap what blood is in there and it will be stiff enough to push up.

You wont hit the back, but she'll think shes playing with a wideboy!

After a few minutes your bodies natural hormone levels will rise enough so that you can get hard. Pull out, fold out and bust a lung!

Job done, disaster avoided.
Friend 1: Yo Nig, did you tap that lastnight?

Friend 2: Yeah man, but i had drank far too much, so i hit her with the half way house, whuppah!

Friend 1: you the man.
by Dr Jones the Jew February 20, 2008

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