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Freely available, usually used in a sexual sense. Comes from English Grouse hunters expression to identify a bird that is a legitimate target as opposed to a bird that is injured, too young etc.
My 15 year old neighbour has been teasing me for months now - as soon as she hits 16 she is, as far as I'm concerned, fair game.
by Dr Johnson October 13, 2003
(v) to skyrme: to masterbate. From the Latin skyreme...
skyrmo skyrmmus
skyrms skyrmtis
skyrmt skyrmunt
E.g. That Little Bob buys so many jazz mags, he must skyrme all night long!
by Dr Johnson January 27, 2005
Agressively male chant/song as may be used on the football terraces or going into battle to rouse the troups.
'ere we go, 'ere we go 'ere we go!
by Dr Johnson March 07, 2004
A group of people you despise esp when at a social gathering all milling and mingling. esp pretentious types.
A: Gotta get out of here. It's cunt soup.
by Dr Johnson October 21, 2010
a gathering of ugly inbreds, esp a social gathering
A: Jeez, I gotta leave , it's like a fricking pig circus in there.
by Dr Johnson October 21, 2010
See "Bookender"
by Dr Johnson October 13, 2003

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