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Somebody that has had a serious motorcycle accident and so has had skin, limbs and scalp ripped away from them, so they resemble a sausage monster, this term was first used by Hunter S Thompson during the 1970's
Since the crash she has resembled a sausage with eyes, a sausage monster with only stumps where limbs had been, with burnt cumberland complexion and about as much hair as a fish
by Dr Jack Pays January 26, 2009
The Clitoris
I fiddled with her lady's zip
by Dr Jack Pays January 26, 2009
Pink Poacher- A man who spends great time and effort deflowering virgins who are usually underage and a lot younger than himself
My daughter is not joining that Scout group, its run by pink poachers
by Dr Jack Pays February 01, 2009
Smelly Vagina: Originates from two other definition of Bunt 1) The central sag in a sail or cloth bag, ie camel toe
2) A form of rot is called "Bunt" it attacks cereal crops, rotting them a leaving them smelling like rotten fish, like a unkept and smelly vagina. This bunt rot is amusingly caused by spores known as smut fungus
Stay well away from her, she's got the bunt
by Dr Jack Pays January 31, 2009
Essex University-Chelmsford Prison, where various degree of Chav, thug, urchin, and cretin can learn such skills as Literacy, Cooking, and basic math, all the things their cross eyed parents should of taught them if they had known themselves, or if they had gone to school, all thanks to the tax payer.
He's doing a three-year degree at Essex University
by Dr Jack Pays January 31, 2009
Hell on earth, where soft southern big mouths either kick people in in packs of five on one, or phone the police if you beat them.
Centre of ignorance for the universe, where shoe sizes rule over IQ's. The population is made up of some of this planets stupidest people, know all know nothings who have the audacity to call the west country, Wales and North and anywhere else they have never been nor understand.
Essex people are only superior to the head lice their retard children carry behind their ears. Burger munching, good fight talking, Cologne drenched dullards.
"Essex I believe is hell on earth, Chelmsford is perhaps the most stupid and dullest place on the face of the planet"
William Shakespear
by Dr Jack Pays January 31, 2009
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