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To Choke, to have Choked or Choking is to lose one's composure and fail to perform effectively in a critical situation.

In the world of Rugby Union this term is commonly used during the Rugby World Cup in reference to the New Zealand Rugby team or "All Blacks".
Choke 1 - 1991: Semi-final, Dublin, L 16-6
Aged team done in cold blood by Australia. David Campese's finest moment, with Tim Horan not far behind.

Choke 2 - 1995: Final, Johannesburg, L 15-12
Looked superb going into the final but failed to fire against a Nelson Mandela-inspired South Africa. Then tried to blame a hotel waitress for poisoning them.

Choke 3 - 1999: Semi-final, London, L 43-31
Relied too heavily on Jonah Lomu to build a lead and were then blitzed by an inspired France in an epic at Twickenham.

Choke 4 - 2003: Semi-final, Sydney, L 22-10
Stroppy and unapproachable for most of the tournament, New Zealand went into their shells and played like drains against Australia.

Choke 5 - 2007: Quarter-final, Cardiff, L 20-18
Froze against a clever but hardly vintage French side. Big names failed to deliver, little leadership and tactically inept.
by Dr J0nes October 15, 2007

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