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BOTDF is an abbreviation of the popular American Electronica group called Blood On The Dance Floor. Unfortunatly, their popularity is usually justified by illiterate fanboys/girls who listen to them with an almost religious regularity; and the group are despised by those who don't like their unique appearence and image.
Sterotypical fanboy/girl: OMFG BOTDF are da bst <3
by Dr J Christ December 15, 2012
A company that makes several video series revolving around video games. The company's name is a play on the insult ''cock-bite'', which is scattered here and there throughout their main series called Red VS Blue. They also have a series that's dedicated to helping viewers with certain parts of video-games; called Achievement Hunter (after the X-Box 360 gamer-score system). These videos usually contain adult humor, along with poking fun at Gavin Free. There are several stereotypes associated with the company (as shown in other user's definitions of Rooster Teeth)
Rooster teeth made RVB.
by Dr J Christ December 15, 2012
''text'' speak for ''you what, mate?''; which is stereotypically used around the UK (specifically Newcastle and Liverpool). This phrase is usually used within Dolan comics, for its grammatical inaccuracy and confrontational tone
Dolan: U WOT M8?
by Dr J Christ December 15, 2012
1. Fish. c'mon, did you really have to look it up?

2. An acronym for Call of Duty, a hyped-up gaming franchise that has made 9 remakes of a similar formula for each game; whilst also trying to add distinct new gameplay options to each installment (World at war had zombies mode).

3. A related acronym, poking fun at the stereotypical COD player; it stands for Children's Online Daycare because the stereotypical COD player is under the age restrictions, and because a vast majority of these players go into rage-fueled tangents about other users trolling them.
C.O.D = Call of Duty.
Other installments have added acronyms (MW= Modern warfare, BO= black ops, WAW= world at war, etc.)
by Dr J Christ December 15, 2012
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