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2 definitions by Dr Heelhook

A minja is a midget ninja (mini ninja). Minjas are extremely small, fast and very dangerous. Santa Claus is a ninja and so are his elfs. It has however been debated whether the elfs are defined as minjas or not. For more info: www.askaninja.com
"And a minja, they can do some cool stuff that I really wish I could do. Like they'll throw a shuriken and then they'll jump on top of the very shuriken that they threw. It'll like hit you in the neck, then they'll punch you in the face."
by Dr Heelhook April 17, 2006
A girl with a pretty face, who is devoid of all traces of boobs or womanly shapes as a consequence of self starvation.
- Damn, did you watch that Top Model show last night? There are some fine chicks in there.

- Sure, if you like a face on a stick. No bone gnawing for me, thanks.
by Dr Heelhook July 29, 2010