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An imaginary unit of measurement used in conversation to exaggerate the length of one's member.
Son: "Dad, how long is a basketball court?"

Father: "I don't know the exact figure, son, but I'd say it's probably somewhere between 12 and 14 dicklengths."
by Dr Harry Johnson March 29, 2013
A level of highness that defies measurement.
"Dude, on a 1 to 10 scale, 1 being not high at all and 10 being really really high, I'm at Klingon right now."

"Ay matey, me scallywag heart remembreth fondly the days when this ol' pirate could get Klingon high off just one puff."
by Dr Harry Johnson May 11, 2013
To rule extra, extra hard.
You fuckenrule Lauren! You fuckenrule!
by Dr Harry Johnson July 31, 2013
A person so sneaky they could steal a turd out of your toilet before you notice or flush.
I think that turdburglar Tanya has been using my vibrator again...
by Dr Harry Johnson September 19, 2012
To cleanse of semen.
At work Carol divided most of her time between bukakke shoots and the time it took her to disseminate after sessions.
by Dr Harry Johnson November 19, 2015
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