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a term used most commonly for a male usually , of muscular build and or foreign decent who preys on unsuspecting females , Most commonly found in drinking establishments or Fast food restaurants. Predator is known for his deathly stare which resembles some sort of threatening animal most likely suffering from rabies.
Man , look at predator he putting his moves on those hags !!

Don't look in to predators eyes man , if you do your fucked !

Yooooooooo Predator !
by Dr Hag February 26, 2009
Refers to ones Residence or Dwelling where the occuopant spends most of their time , the "Labroth" is a gathering place , most commonly used for Chill sessions and/or Consuming of Alcoholic Substances. Labroths vary from shacks to Basements and Fully furnished Condo's.
The boys are having a few Brews over at the labroith

Lets take a shot over to the Labroith for a good old fashion Chill session !

Man , I hope thoes Hags arnt at the labrotih again.

I bet Predator is at the labroith checking himself out in the bathroom again !
by dr hag March 16, 2009
A Person ,usually of the male species who is so dreadfully ugly that he is often associated with "Quasimodo" due to his large teeth and ape like posture.
Whats "quasington" saying these days ?

Nothing like seeing "quasingtons" face to make you realize how lucky you are.
by Dr Hag February 24, 2009
A rare saying used mainly in the English language referring to a a group of male's who are Dominant in their field. They can vary from danglers to pranksters and every thing in between.
Wheres "Chauncey" getting shit faced tonight ?

Man look at the size of "Chauncey" biceps !

by Dr Hag February 27, 2009

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