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Niagara falls is an odd city. That's right, it is a city. Everyone knows Niagara Falls for the waterfall but very few know the true Niagara Falls. First of all there are 2 cities. There is Niagara Falls, New York, and Niagara Falls, Ontario, (In Canada).

Now back in the prime of Niagara Falls, New York we had a population of about 100,000 people or more, people can't agree on the exact size but it was a decent sized city. Niagara Falls, New York was just like other rust belt city, its economy was based on Chemical Plants, and Industrial Plants. As the industry left, poverty and crime went up.

On the other hand, Niagara Falls, Ontario managed to keep most of it's industry, and now it is focusing on tourism by using casinos. The Niagara Falls, Canada skyline is getting bigger and bigger each year. The Niagara Falls, Ontario skyline now rivals big American cities.

Niagara Falls, New York was run into the ground by corrupt, and mentally retarded politicians. Now it is a crime ridden slum. Not only that but in order to boost tourism the local politicians have prevented the news media from talking about the rise in violent crime.

So basically you have 2 different cites on each side of a waterfall. You have a vibrant and growing city on the Canadian side, and the American side is struggling to catch up with it's Canadian twin,

Niagara Falls, New York has turned into a small version of Gary, Indiana.
Tourist: Oh Reginald, I love Niagara Falls lets go to this lovely little shop called a ...liquor store?

Mugger: Give me your money bitch!

Tourist: Oh Reginald this town is so dirty, my goodness, this man is wearing a trash bag.

Mugger: Bitch! Don't talk shit about the bag, just give me the money.

(Mugger Stabs tourist)
by Dr Funky July 03, 2006
Niagara Falls is not spelled like this retards.

It's spelled N-I-A-G-A-R-A
Retarded Tourist: yes, I want to visit Niagra Falls, but I have to finish smoking my crack pipe first.

Me: Fuckin crack baby......
by Dr Funky July 04, 2006

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