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swetty...a person from scotland. A swetty sock, jock, a ginger person
"That drunken ginger man staggering in the road wearing a celtic top, eating a fried mars bar is obviously a swetty. Shall we run him over?"
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
dobbers......breasts, tits, boobs, knockers, mams etc...
Friend...."Look at the dobbers on that!"

Me...."Jeez! It only looks about 16 as well!"
by Dr Fox May 23, 2007
drop the kids off at the mosque....

To take a dump.
To have a shit.
To have a Thora.
To go for an Ertha.
Wife..."Are you ready to go shopping yet love?"

Hubby..."Give us five minutes will you, i`d better drop the kids off at the mosque first"
by Dr Fox May 09, 2007
to fettle is to perform a sexual act on somebody.
"Ey-up our Eli! Did`st thi end up avin a fettle wi that bintfrompt behind t`bar last neet?"

"Aye, it wer reyt grand anole. We were fettlin` all neet. She`s a reyt dirty mare is that Shirley Bagthwaite...ah`ll tell thee!"
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
arty....lankysher interpretation of the words "are you?"

Often used in towns such as Blackburn
"Arty oreyt fettler?"....meaning "Are you alright my friend?"
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
Colne....a quaint west yorkshire village, full of inbreds, dingles & hill-trolls. Just like it`s neighbouring town Burnley, but the gene pool is is much smaller, thus giving way to lots of family-love during the long dark winter nights.

When thinking of Colne, think League of gentlemen....& you won`t go far wrong.

Colne, like Burnley is a small village in Yorkshire & is full of retards.
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
notlob.....derisary term for Bolton & it`s people. Bolton spelt backwards (as in Monty Python sketch)
notlob....or Notlobbers or piggies are Bolton Wanderers fans. No one hates Bolton, no-one can be bothered to hate them as they are a non-entity. They try to hate Man Utd, Man City, blackburn Rovers & buryin a futile attempt to get a rivalry with somebody...anybody....but no-one can be bothered to hate them back. They are a NOTHING club.
by Dr Fox May 07, 2007
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