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o`reyt....meaning alright in Lankysher (Lancashire)

"How are you today?"

"I`m o`reyt thanks"
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
Lanky-talk....to talk with a broad Lancashire accent. To talk Lankysher.
Norbreck...."Ey our Eli! Tha' nos tha`ll ne`er gerrof wi that posh bird from that there London"

Eli...."Owdst tha work thaddun out our Norbreck?"

Norbreck...."Well, shid nod understand a bloody word tha sed, coz tha`s too full o`t t`lanky-talk tha` nos"
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
rag-dolled...to have had rough & ready sex with a female.
"Man, that sticky Vicky will be walking bow-legged for a week after we rag-dolled her last night"
by Dr Fox May 17, 2007
Dingle-Dome....a place where hill-trolls dwell (in tiny numbers)

see also....turd morgue
Dingle-Dome...a small village green in a small yorkshire village where hill-trolls & Dingles dwell
by Dr Fox May 07, 2007
Nob-ender....a Preston North End fan.
A derisary term used by Blackburn Rovers fans when reffering to their local rivals Preston North End (PNE)
Nob-ender is a play on 'north end'= 'nob-end'.
"Who are nob-end playing today?"
"Have the nob-enders missed out on the play-offs again? haha!!"
"That new bloke at work is a nob-ender"

by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
Fettlin`...To engage in a sexual act with another person.
To fettlesomebody
To give somebody a right good fettlin`
To watch two fettlers-a-fettlin` in a car up a dark country lane.
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
cob.....a northern term for bread roll.

cob.....something to do with corn.

cob.....a northern word for sulking. A 'cob on'

cob.....to throw something.
cobbed....to have thrown something
cobbing....to be throwing something
(speaking to sulky teenager)..."What`s wit` cob on? Has your mum made you tidy your room?"

"Come on, let`s cob some bricks through that paedo`s flat window!"
by Dr Fox May 11, 2007

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