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tag-teamed.....to be rag-dolled by two blokes. Group sex, usually involving 1 dirty little slapper & two males. To have one in the mouth & one kicking the back doors in then a high 5 (tag) & quick switch of positions.
Me..."Man, that sticky Vicky certainly got tag-teamed big style last night!"

My mate..."Yeah, she squealed like a pig & loved every minute of it"
by Dr Fox May 17, 2007
babby`s yed flottin.....a babies head floating.
A steak pudding in a tray with mushy peas smothered in gravy. The staple diet of anyone from Wigan. Taken from the descriptive of what a babies head might look like if it was coming out of a bath full of gravy....a babies head floating
(on entering a chippy)

(assistant)..."Wot yavin love?"

(Wiganer)..." I`ll av babby`s yed flottin, wi a barm-cake"


(Wiganer)..."Aye, brown"
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
Hill-trolls.....people from Burnley. More than one hill-troll

(see also dingle& dingles
Hill-trolls are folk who live in small cave-like huts in the yorkshire pennine hills. They are easily spotted by the way they drag their knuckles when they walk & the way they say "Burn-lah" & "Burn-err-lee" in their thick yorkshire accents.
People of lower intelligence who have been drinking from a smaller than average gene pool.

(see Burnley)
by Dr Fox May 07, 2007
Turd Morgue....A small under-used rectangle of grass just outside Burnley village center, where small numbers of hill-trolls spend their time looking at a spherical object repeatedly kicked "oop in`t sky!" whilst 'special people' dressed in purple & pale blue watch 'out of towners' kick the 'bouncy turnip' into their net several times every Saturday afternoon.
Turd Morgue...A place where 'special people' go.
A place where sheep graze in the summertime ...to save money
A place where dingles dwell (in small numbers)
A butt of many peoples jokes.
by Dr Fox May 07, 2007
a resident of Burnley, a dingle, a knuckle-dragger, a person with no prospects, yorkshire-folk.
a hill-troll is a resident of Burnley, which in itself is a small insignificant town in yorkshire. The local sport is inbreeding & smashing up their own town-center....especially after 2-0 home defeats to the mighty Blackburn Rovers, their arch-rivals from across the border in Lancashire.
by Dr Fox May 07, 2007
stoppy back.....otherwise known as after hours. Extra illegal drinking time in a pub. This ancient tradition had waned over the last few years due to new more relaxed drinking laws in the UK, but still a few 'traditional' landlords keep the faith.
local...."Anychance of a stoppy back tonight boss?"

Landlord...."Aye, just let me get rid of a few strange faces first" (usually followed by a wink)
by Dr Fox May 19, 2007
o`reyt....meaning alright in Lankysher (Lancashire)

"How are you today?"

"I`m o`reyt thanks"
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007

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