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Someone who has everything but appreciates nothing.
Every teenager(including me, at times)
by Dr Doom January 21, 2005
Chaos theory is a rule involving anything in nature. In essence, it considers all data to be in infinite correlation, no matter how random the data may seem. In economics, it refers to the fact that market fluctuations and other such economic systems all have an underpinning correlation of data. In geography, it is the belief that if a butterly flaps its wings in one end of the world, it can cause a hurricane in another. In physics, its a tad more complicated. It states all subatomic and nucleonic particles are all united under ONE force, not gravity, but a very powerful force which holds the very essence of protons, electrons and neutrons together. It branches out into every facet of our existence. Infinite correlation, no probability.
"In chaos theory, everything is related, everything is with purpose and pattern"
by Dr Doom November 25, 2004
A college that still thinks its a university, much like western being a 4 star vacation resort. Engineering is good at ryerson, but overall is a very mediocre school, especially the business program.
Queen's Graduate: Well I got my BComm, now I'm planning to do an internship in switzerland for goldman sachs.

U of T Graduate: Really? Wow I'm going to china to work on some investment funds and oversee some potential new buyouts.

York(schulich) Graduate: Nice guys, I'm just planning on staying here and working for Morgan stanley on some M&A projects.How about you?

Ryerson Graduate: you guys r fagz u know that?! fucking fagz who suck their moms cockzrosz!! PWNED!!!! ur so stoopid!!
by Dr Doom May 26, 2005
A show, much akin to Dawsons Creek takes place in Orange County, California. It features rich, prima donna kids whining for just about everything all the time. You will never see a non-afflutent non-anglo saxxon person in the show, because they consider themselves "the only pure race". From girl not liking so and so to what can I do to make my yacht shine, the O.C represents a new low in television programming.
Guide to being a tool: Listen to good charlotte, take up the Kabbalah, be emo and watch the O.C.

Hpoefully suicide becomes the next big trend.
by Dr Doom October 30, 2004
Something which motivates someone to do much greater things than love ever could.
Love makes people dependant and ignorant. Hatred makes people focused(revenge) and find strength(fury)
by Dr Doom January 08, 2005
See emo and scene
Countless pics of self indulgent teenagers, what has UD come to?
by Dr Doom August 09, 2005
A place to achieve a higher education and earn 90% more than people with only a hig h school diplima

In Canada, a lower rank than university.

Elementary->high school->college->university

Its commonly accepted that if you go to college, you are dumb. Also: waterloo, queens and U of T round up the top 3 universities. Western is for spoiled brats.

In the states, everything is a "college". Why no word for university?
"I got into queens university. All it took was a 95.6% average, 200 hours of community service and a letter of reccomendation from the board of directors at my dad's financial firm"-Me
by Dr Doom January 03, 2005

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