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In 1773, a group of rebels in Boston harbor angry at a foreign king for forcing taxes on tea imports that the rebels were forced to buy, so they prentended to be dark-skinned natives and dumped the imports into the sea.

Today, a wing of the Republican party dedicated to getting Obama out of office, while conveniently living in denial about the abuses of the Bush years and the Wall Street origins of the Great Recession (2007-present). For instance, the tea party has no problem w/ the glut of cheap imports flooding Walmarts across the fruited plain or the debasement of wages globally that result from it. The tea party actually opposes living wages and organized labor, while having no problems w/ white collar fraud.
The Boston Tea Party was as American as apple pie.

The modern tea party twerps piss me off. Do they even know what the Boston Tea Party was about? It was a foreign country taxing us on imported tea. Who wanted NAFTA and WTO in the 1st place? Who voted for total banking deregulation? Did the Founding Fathers come to America to have the church tell them what to do? I know the desire to tease gays must be irresistable, but THINK!
by Dr Democracy September 20, 2011

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